Friday, August 8, 2014

Want more information on our new weight-loss program? Come in tomorrow at 1:00 PM!

"Weight Loss Breakthrough" is the heading for our office as many of you know that Dr. Iannelli loves the natural way of doing everything. If there's a way to do it without drugs and surgery then he finds it. He's very excited to announce a new weight-loss program that we've been doing in the office with phenomenal results that is all-natural. Many weight-loss programs don't really change you; in other words, you can lose the weight but when you discontinue the program you gain the weight right back. This program truly has the potential to change you forever because it changes your physiology. I just love it. I have done it, my wife has done it, many many patients have done it and thousands of people across the US. Even people in  France and Switzerland  have completed the program with fantastic results. If you want to learn more about a Dr. Iannelli approved weight-loss program, you can stop in tomorrow at 1:00 PM for a brief 10 minute video and if you're interested you can stay after the video for further explanation by Dr. Iannelli.

- The Iannelli Wellness Team

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