Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - The Importance of Chiropractic Care

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my adjusting table that I have at home; the photo is also attached to this e-mail. The adjusting table is torn worn and completely beat up. Now let me tell you my wife Deanne has excellent taste so the furniture and decorations in our home are outstanding so why in the world would I show this busted up torn up worn-out picture of the adjusting table that's in our home. Well I was just trying to make a point but it's a very important point for you your health and your family's health. Many of you know that I was a very sickly child. How sickly? Well I was so bad that at one point I was administered my last rights. Then after battling back and fracturing my femur nine times, the doctor told my mother and father to put me in a special home because I was too much for them to handle, that I would probably never walk. Okay put down the violins, this information is for you and your family. I've gotten healthy and I've taken that road to great health. My job is to give you the information you need for you and your family. You see, that adjusting table is inside information. That adjusting table shows what I'm really all about and that the advice that I give you is the same advice that I follow at home. The next advice I can I give you is not bragging about my kids, we all can brag about our children. I am telling you that my four children are extremely healthy and only one of my children has ever going to the pediatrician and that was only for our two or three times for the flu . Now of course I would take them to the pediatrician if they needed care but so far they haven't . So when you look at that torn up adjusting table that's in my home I hope you realize that to me that represents outstanding health and I hope you realize that I absolutely practice what I preach and always believe that the advice that I'm giving you will make you and your family healthier. If your children don't have back pain or your significant other doesn't have back pain, why should you take them to a chiropractor? Well, remember that worn-out adjusting table in my home? It  is not because my 11-year-olds have back pain . See, the real reason to get checked and adjusted by a chiropractor is so that the body can heal itself, maintain greater defenses against sickness, and reach optimal health. I hope sharing this information is beneficial for you and your family. Thank you.
-Dr. Joseph  Iannelli

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